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About Suds & Creams

Suds and Creams is a luxury bath and body products company that uses pure ingredients. We formulate our products using extracts, butters, and essential oils to create an exquisite, and holistic experience.

Our ingredients are all natural or organic, and can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The founders, childhood friends, have worked in various industries such as research and environmental  science, IT and cosmetics,  before they decided to become business partners.  One of the founders had sensitive skin and decided to formulate her own skincare line out of her kitchen. One day, while discussing her kitchen experiments, she realized that her future partner was also making handmade soaps out of her kitchen. While vacationing overseas, the other founder discovered that the products she used were natural and environmentally friendly.  After various discussions, they decided to join forces.

Many of the ingredients in their products are testimonies to what their ancestors in West Africa used for centuries. Some of which include Baobab Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Palm Oil. One of their key ingredients,  the baobab fruit extract is used for a variety of health and beauty benefits in their ancestral homes.  Women in some of the villages do fertility rituals around the Baobab Tree because it is known as the ” Tree of Life”.

If you desire to indulge yourself at home, we invite you to sample our products for the ultimate spa-like pampering.